Mallorca + Spring Break Vlog

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mallorca-24 copy
[The view from our hotel's terrace]
mallorca-154 copy
[Thumb's up from a driver in a small car parade in Soller]
mallorca-86 copy
[Flower's looming around the cathedral in Soller]
mallorca-93 copy
[A couple stands along the pastel colored water]
mallorca-136 copy
[A very scenic mountainous view along the way to Soller]
mallorca-105 copy
[Open lands that made me feel like I was on a safari] 
mallorca-65 copy
[Complete and utter beach paradise] 
mallorca-51 copy
[Marisa manning the fort with our inflatable tire floats] 
mallorca-135 copy
[Getting lost in trying to find the port in Soller] 
mallorca-146 copy
[Two voyagers look out at the incredible port of Soller] 
mallorca-185 copy
[Some birthday ice-cream at our fancy celebratory dinner at Tristan Mar restaurant] 

Despite being a month late, I hereby present to you my spring break "vlog" and some of my Mallorca pictures! Somehow this month escaped me/everyone at SYA and it's already been a month since my birthday, meaning I leave France tomorrow. I wanted to get this post up so I could do some SYA reflection posts once home, as well as summer related content. Mallorca was the last stop on our Balearic islands tour, and it was special in it's own way. I've already been asked several times which place was my favorite, but they're all truly different. In comparison to Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca was much larger, meaning there was more to see but it felt like you need to have more plans. We clearly did not plan (i.e. booking flights the day of), but with a little Googling, we figured out that Soller was a must see. A small touristy tram takes you up to this mountainous area of the island, which has a town and port to go with it. We happened to go on a Saturday morning, and there were tons of lemon and orange related stands for the market. After indulging in lemon muffins (YUM), we stumbled upon a SUP rental place, with just about the coolest owner who had a go pro mount for the oar. I was basically in heaven after the tranquille paddle along the smooth water. 

If you want to see all of this in action, take a look at the video below! Watch in HD. xx



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Wearing:// Dress: Mango (Mango Openwork Trim Dress), Sunnies: Wildfox Couture, Shoes: Zara (Montage Leather Sandal & Steve Madden 'Rosana') , Bag: World Family Ibiza 

     It's honestly crazy to think that it was almost a month ago that I was taking these pictures in Palma with Marisa, with my grade A lobster skin. We ventured into town with my "trademark tropical vacation" look vacation (see: Greece outfit), and enjoyed one of our last days of break. As we walked around, I received quite a few looks, which were obviously in reaction to my rad outfit!!!! At least that's what I'm telling myself. But seriously, when I saw this dress at Mango in Ibiza, I just had to have it. I'm a huge white dress fan, especially when it's as hot as yummy paella in the summertime. However, this one has beaded/woven detailing along the neckline, which just makes it even better. When we were in Barcelona a few days before, I had picked up these sassy strappy heels from Zara, which went perfectly with the overall simple yet detailed look. I love the metallics I have going on, especially in my very tribal looking clutch. My summer uniform is lookin' like this: flowy dresses, sassy heels, rad sunnies, and unintentional sunburn. What's yours? 

All I can think about is how it feels like we just got back from spring break and we were all saying,"We still have a month left in France!!!" However, it is already May 22 and there are t-5 days till we're back in the states. I'm going to do a bit of a longer reflection post in the near future w/a video, but today we received our "diplomas" and it was a bit of an emotional day, you could say. Despite this bittersweet day, we set off tomorrow to go to Normandy until Monday for our final school trip, and then we leave Wednesday. The end of the year went by in a literal flash! I am so excited to be a senior, but it's crazy to think that high school is flying by so quickly. Well, I'm off to continue packing and prepping for our trip tomorrow! Talk soon. xoxo 

Café Watch // Ibiza Edition

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           As I mentioned in my Ibiza photo diary, we spent a lot of our time in Ibiza, well, eating. For whatever reason, there was a surplus of super delicious cafés that were gluten free, organic, raw, etc. In our multiple food tours, we came across a recently opened café, "Don't Panic It's' Organic Ibiza". We soon befriended the super cool owners who explained with very good english that they had only opened 2 weeks ago. Afterward, we began diving into the many things they had to offer. The first time we went, I got a falafel build-your-own salad, which consisted of just about everything you could think of, from chickpeas to quinoa to sweet potato fries. However, the second time around, we pulled out all of the shots and got smoothies, salads/sandwiches, and homemade BANANA BREAD. After spending 9 months in the land of butter, baguettes, butter, and croissants, getting a smoothie and these other delectable delights was like a dream. (Side note: I had a smoothie just about every day over break and it was fantastic) Anyways, I was extremely excited to switch up my normal food routine, as well as to try their fresh banana bread drizzled with honey. 

I just really wanted to share this café with all of you, in case you find yourself planning a trip to Ibiza. Funnily enough, my sister (Hi Noelle) decided to copy my Spain vacation for this summer, but I had to create "Isabelle's Spain Travel Guide" for her so she could get the exact details. Sisters, man. Hopefully this post didn't make you too hungry! Also, still gathering questions for a school year abroad post! Send 'em in via Tumblr or in a comment.  :) xoxo

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